New Age Art?

•March 22, 2008 • 1 Comment

I was reading Fegus1’s Weblog and was inspired to check out the site he mentioned on graffiti. I have been interested in graffiti ever since I was little, and have drawn hundreds of sketches experimenting with different techniques, lettering and colours. My favourite part of watching trains go by is the fact that I get to check out the graffiti. Although I believe it is vandalism and doing this type of art without permission is wrong and illegal, some people are really talented and some of it is really nice.

On this website you are able to create your own graffiti. You can change the colours, the designs, and the size and shape of the letters. I was surprised at how original you can make your design. I think this website would be excellent to use in a classroom because it can lead to unique discussions of different cultures and art. I also liked this site because students can legally post their creations to blogs and have the world see their art. Now isn’t that a better idea than spray painting a train?


Awkward Podcast

•March 15, 2008 • 2 Comments

This is my podcast about beating the awkward silence during a conversation.

Trouble with You Tube

•March 13, 2008 • 3 Comments

As many of you know I have a lot of issues putting my mastercard commercial onto Youtube. I found out that it is in the wrong format. Does anyone know the correct format to save it in or to transfer it to? I have made TWO videos using photo story 3 and neither one is in the right format. I played around with saving tool  on the second video and that did not do anything. I would really like to get this uploaded soon. Any suggestions let me know!!! Thanks!

My google map

•March 13, 2008 • 4 Comments

This is map of a few places that I’ve travelled to go to concerts.

Podcast Experience

•March 12, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I have enjoyed looking up podcasts and listening to them. Using itunes is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I usually listen to podcasts about music, or comedy because these are areas that interest me. I even downloaded a video podcast. I find that I usually listen to podcasts when I get home from class. It is my time to relax before I start into the homework. I have found a lot of music podcasts about albums and tours of a variety of artists, so if anyone is interested in that area I advise they check it out.

poem podcast

•March 10, 2008 • Leave a Comment


   I enjoy reading and writing poetry and found this podcast called an Intro to Poetry. Many people dislike poetry, because it can sometimes be hard to understand it.  I enjoyed this podcast because it has a few poetry readings of very classic poems. My favourite podcast is Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, by Dylan Thomas. I also found an analysis by Linda Sue Grimes as to help anyone who might need it to understand the poem.



•March 10, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I was checking out some podcasts and realized that I really enjoy listening to podcasts. I don’t own an ipod, but when I’m home I have found it convenient to let them play as I do housework, paint, or laundry. It is a way to me to expand my knowledge without having to sit. I found these podcasts and thought they were worth checking out.

Thriller Lovers                       mj.jpg

This podcast is in celebration of Michael Jackson’s hit song Thriller. This podcast is a series of interviews with Nick Cannon, Shane Sparks, Quincy Jones and other artists as they explain their first experience with the album, Thriller. I found it to be interesting and would like to share my first experience as well.

I was twelve years old the first time I heard the song, and instantly fell in love with it. I enjoyed the catchy beat and knew all the words, but would always turn it off before the creepy laughing at the end.  About two years ago I received a Cd from my friend which he titled Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits. Of course Thriller was on it. There were many occasions when I would drive around listening and singing really loud to his mesmerizing voice. One day at my friends house we checked out the music video on You tube. I have to say I have never been so captured by a music video before. I felt very much the same way Shane Sparks felt when he watched the video. I won’t tell you how he felt because I want you to check out the podcast.