Skype Complications

      Over the past five months I have been commenting on a student’s blog in South Korea. We have decided to get together on Skype and have a conversation. So we set up a date and time, but however things did not go as planned. We had some complications adding each other on our Skype accounts, and because of this we were unable to communicate. I was a little disappointed because I was excited and a bit nervous for our confrontation (because I have not used Skype before). Anyway, I will try and re-add this student to my account and we will try again to communicate over Skype. If I have learned anything over the past few months in my ECMP 355 class, it is that sometimes technology does funny things, and you just have to be persistent.  Hopefully we will be able to have a conversation about our blogs, and I will be able to post about it later.


~ by heatherbreitkreuz on May 20, 2008.

One Response to “Skype Complications”

  1. Add me, just do a search for me and you’ll find me, maybe I can help you out.

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