Blogging Mentorship

     For the last month I have been commenting on Clay Burrell’s students for the mentorship assignment. I have spent a couple hours a week reading and commenting on his students work.  I would usually make around six comments at a time for all the new blogs I would read. His students are in high school and blog a lot about projects they are working on, or things that they are interested in.  

     I try to be as helpful as possible in their learning by leaving positive comments about their work and by adding relevant suggestionsto help make their projects better. Mr. Burrell usually comments on his students works before I do and corrects their blogs of grammar and misspelled words.  He also gives his students information on web tools they can use to complete their projects. If I had more knowledge about web tools and computer programs I would have liked to have posted some suggestions.

      Mostly I would post encouraging feedback to his students about their projects or interests. Many times I would ask relevant questions to their blogs, but only got a response back once. I would sometimes tell them things I was interested in, as a way to try to connect with the students and start a conversation.

     Sometimes I found it hard to comment because I had trouble understanding the point of some of the blogs. I think their blogging was an assignment they needed to do throughout the year. It seemed as though the students would focus more on what they would blog instead answering comments, or blogging about other things they have read. It was encouraging to see them commenting on their own work though. Sometimes a student would ask a question and a few students would answer back. It was encouraging to see their collaboration on a topic.

     I am not sure how much I have helped them in their learning and blogging. The main point I wanted to get across was the fact that the whole world can read their blogs. On one of my first entries I explained a bit about who I was and where I was from. Mr. Burrell was impressed that someone from Canada had an interest in their blogs. It made me feel accepted to know that perhaps my input could assist in somebody else’s learning.  


~ by heatherbreitkreuz on March 30, 2008.

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