Text messaging = Mental Illness???

    I like text messaging. It is a way to communicate with friends and family at anytime and anywhere.  I find it to be very easy and convenient to use. However, I heard on the news today that text messaging can become addictive and show signs of a mental illness. What?? Apparently if you text too much you could become addictive.

    I never used to text message much until I moved away to University. Now I feel like I am constantly texting my friends from home, telling them about my day, my plans for the evening and random things that enter my brain. I also find myself texting my friends here a lot as well. I don’t want to admit it but sometimes I text 150 messages a day!  Thank goodness for unlimited text messaging. Does this make me an addict though?  I do not classify myself as being an addict. I can totally live without my phone. Sometimes I forget it when I go to the gym and I totally survive. I know that is not a very good excuse, but I still do not classify myself as being addicted to text messaging, or having a mental illness. You can become so addicted to text messaging because you can get away with it anywhere; in class, on the bus, driving ( that’s dangerous) and at home. According to the article there are four symptoms that classify a person as having a mental illness due to text messaging. They are excessive use, withdrawal, tolerance for excessive texting, and negative repercussions. As far as I am concerned I do not have any other these symptoms. However, I would not mind taking the challenge of leaving my phone and my computer for a weekend. It could be a tad healthier for me. It is on my to-do list, as well as text less.



~ by heatherbreitkreuz on March 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Text messaging = Mental Illness???”

  1. Well this is an interesting post! I can see how people can say that text messaging is addicting. I think I am addicted to the convenience of text messaging. I mean, I don’t waste minutes on my cell, and its great for just texting back and forth to whoever, whenever. Even my mom is into texting now! I have heard that texting is one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents. I even know people who have gotten into accidents from texting and driving. That’s dangerous. In a way, texting is almost TOO convenient. But i love it lol.

  2. I know at least two of my friedns who are addicted to texting.They are so bad that every time I hang out with them me and my friend mel take there phones away. Becasue we know that if we don’t we will have to stop the conversation every two minutes waiting for then to read the text and reply. It is very annoying.I’m definetly going to tell them to check out your post.

  3. Two of my best friends are chronic texters as well. Whenever we spend time together, whether we’re out for supper with a large group, or just hanging out one-on-one, their cell phones are constantly by their sides. I’m quite offended when I’m trying to have a conversation with one of them and they don’t respond because they’re too distracted trying to have an in-depth conversation with someone via text messaging. If your text conversation requires multiple entries and several minutes of typing back and forth, maybe a quick phone call to get everything sorted out will do the trick…

  4. hey…
    It does seem that text is a great way of communicating, but I don’t think that it can become a illness. That just sounds weird saying that it could be. Yes people can over use the texting but why not? it’s the fastest and easiest way to talk to people.

  5. Hey Heather,

    I totally think texting can turn someone into an addiction. For example, my little sister. That thing is like her child. She’s constantly waiting for messages and jumping at the sound of a cell phone, doesn’t matter if it’s hers or not. When her old cell phone died I swear my family should have held a funeral. She was completely miserable for the next couple weeks until she got her next one. This sad situation is way too common. Luckily I still view my cell phone as an object. Cool post.

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